Handy Guide to 2018 Free Ecards

May 31st, 2018

Here at KatiesCards.com there are plenty of reasons to celebrate and send an ecard to share a greeting with a loved one. Our website regularly updates itself with the next celebration but I thought I would share with you some other sites that can give you some information on important festivals, holidays and celebrations.

Katies Cards are now giving away all of their Ecards for free, although there are some restrictions on the number of recipients you can send them to, you can send unlimited Ecards without making payment.

Yes it’s true, you are not dreaming, its like your Birthday and Christmas have come at once, its the best gift you are going to receive all year. We have hundreds of Ecards across 38 categories, so roll up your sleeves and start sending free Ecards to your hearts content.

Some of the card categories offered for Free:

Free Birthday Ecards
Free Christmas Ecards
Free Easter Ecards
Free Valentine’s Ecards
Free Thanksgiving Ecards
Free July 4th Ecards
Free New Year Ecards

Sign up for a free Ecard account, then start sending.

How are you Surviving the Cold this Season?

January 21st, 2016

Dark cosy evenings, icy winter walks and upcoming holidays; there’s a lot to enjoy during the winter months. Alas, it eventually takes its toll – once the chaos of Christmas and celebrations of the New Year have passed, it can all get a little bleak.

During the time of short days and unforgiving cold, lift yourself out of the slump and send friends and family an inspirational e-card. Prefect for the occasion, our Henry Thoreau wise words ecard will remind not just you, but your loved ones, that ‘one must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter’.

The same applies to winter Birthday’s – send a loved one a touch of summer for their special day with our floral Birthday ecards.

'Floral Birthday' birthday e card

‘Floral Birthday’ birthday e card from www.katiescards.com

Customise this ecard with your own words and bring a little warmth in the midst of winter.

Brand New Animated Ecard Added

January 13th, 2016

This February millions of people around the world will be celebrating in a spectacular fashion for the first day of the new Lunar Calendar. Although not everyone will have the luxury of being nearby friends and family during the celebrations, you can send them our brand new animated ecard to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Chinese New Year E-card

Chinese New Year E-card

Designed in an ink wash, hand painted style, watch as the delicate blossom flourishes across the frame in this traditional Chinese New Year e card. The blossom is accompanied by a message, written in both English and Chinese, at the end. If you’d rather browse the rest of our varied collection of new year e cards, please click here. Remember, you can send our ecards in an instant or schedule them to go out in your own time.

It’s Not too Late to Send your Thanksgiving Ecards

November 25th, 2015

Aside from our really awesome brand new Thanksgiving ecard, we have a whole range of other ecards which have been hugely popular in the past few years. We know decision making can be hard so we thought we’d present you our top 3 thanksgiving ecards for you to send this Thursday. While you’re customising and sending your Thanksgiving e-cards, why not schedule all your Christmas ecards too?

#1 What Does Thanksgiving Mean to You?

New Thanksgiving Ecard

New Thanksgiving Ecard

#2 Turkey Breakout

Turkey Breakout 5 Christmas ecard from Katie's Cards

Turkey Breakout 5 Christmas ecard from Katie’s Cards

#3 Painted Turkeys

Traiditonal Thanksgiving Ecard

Traditional Thanksgiving Ecard

The countdown to Christmas has begun with only 1 month to go. We have a huge variety of Christmas ecards from the traditional to the funny, so get your Christmas greetings at the ready. If you’re always last minute at Christmas not to worry, send in an instant with Katie’s Cards – we promise we won’t tell!

Brand New Thanksgiving Ecard

November 12th, 2015

What Does Thanksgiving Mean To You?

We are very proud to announce that we have added a brand new animated Thanksgiving ecard to the site for you customise and send this November. Before we present you with the finished ecard, we thought we’d give you a sneak preview of our design and creating process.

Thanksgiving Ecard Storyboard

Thanksgiving Ecard Storyboard

As you can see, the storyboard runs through all things Thanksgiving from its origins right up to the cherished traditions of the present day. From the exciting parades to the long journeys home and a huge feast, this new Thanksgiving e card includes every aspect of the holiday. Anyway, enough from us, click the image below and take a look for yourself.

New Thanksgiving Ecard

New Thanksgiving Ecard

Ecards are a great way for you to connect with loved ones around the holidays. From Christmas ecards to New Year ecards with unlimited sending, you’ll be able to keep in touch with family and friends near or far.

The New Ecard is Here!

October 28th, 2015

As promised, our new Halloween ecard is up on the site and ready for you to view, customise and send. With your Katie’s Cards membership, you can send an unlimited amount of ecards which means you can send this hilarious jokes Halloween e-card to as many people as you like.

Six spooky characters from ghosts to mummies, skeletons, witches and more feature in this Halloween ecard but they’re not here to scare, they’re here to tell jokes!

Click the image below to see the finished product

Halloween Ecard

Click to View our New Animated Halloween Ecard


BRAND NEW Animated Halloween Ecard

October 28th, 2015

We are very pleased to announce that we have added a brand new animated Halloween ecard to our collection. Our newest addition Halloween ecard has been designed for children and contains 6 Halloween monsters with 6 jokes guaranteed to make them giggle. To get started, we did some sketches based on how we wanted the ecard to look and then we were ready to go.

Initial Sketches of New Halloween Ecard

Initial Sketches of New Halloween Ecard


KC Halloween 1

Initial Sketches of New Halloween Ecard


Once the initial sketches have been created, it’s time for us to bring them to light and life. We designed each of our characters and matched them up with the perfect jokes to match their spooky exteriors. Much like the rest of our Halloween ecards, we then bring our characters to life with animation. See for yourself below what you’re in for.

Halloween ecard

Sneak Preview of our latest Halloween Ecard

This new ecard is the perfect way for children to wish their friends and family a spook-tacular Halloween! If you’re holding a special event this weekend don’t forget to browse the rest of our Halloween invitation ecards – remember you can send them in an instant so it’s never too late!

The Punniest Halloween Costumes

October 26th, 2015

These days, a creative costume is essential for success on Halloween. Pre-packaged outfits and witches hats are fine if you don’t mind turning up at a party wearing the same costume as eight other people. Lucky, if you have a creative idea you don’t have to spend a fortune on something to wear. With a few simple props you can create a funny and clever Halloween costume. To help you out on your quest, we’ve found a few ‘pun’ny ideas that we’d like to share.

#1 Cereal Killer

Cereal Killer Costume

Cereal Killer Costume

 #2 Spice Girls

Spice Girls Halloween Costume

‘Spice Girls’ Halloween Costume


#3 Radiohead

Radiohead Pun Halloween Costume

Radiohead Pun Halloween Costume

Creative and easy, with costumes like these you’ll definitely look unique. If all else fails and you end up in a costume panic, just ask Google.

Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume


If you’re throwing a Halloween spook-fest, don’t forget to browse our collection of Halloween ecards for invitations which are bursting with goblins, ghouls, witches, warlocks and a plentiful supply of pumpkins.

Halloween ecard

Halloween ecard

We have a new animated Halloween ecard coming out for you this week so be sure to stay tuned for all the latest information and updates. It’s not too late to start looking at our selection of Thanksgiving ecards, remember you can schedule them ahead of the date.

Autumn Equinox

September 23rd, 2015

Today is the Autumn Equinox so for all those Autumn Birthdays that may be coming up we’ve got a run down of some birthday ecards from our varied collection.

For the explorers..

Jungle Explorer Ecard

Jungle Explorer Ecard

For those who just love cake…

Birthday Ecards

Birthday Ecards

For the gamers…


Attack of the Cake Munchers Birthday Ecard

Make the most of a Katie’s Cards membership this Autumn because no matter whose Birthday it is, we have something for everyone.

Halloween is just a few weeks away so if you’re planning a party don’t forget to send out your Halloween ecard invitations early to make sure everyone can pencil it in – you can even schedule them today to go out slightly closer to the time.

Do Something Grand

September 11th, 2015

This Sunday is National Grandparents Day; a day when grandparents are recognised and celebrated for their contribution to the family. Sometimes overlooked for all the love and hard work they put in over the years, this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate them and show them how appreciated they are.

Grandparents Day Ecard

Grandparents Day Ecard

So for all the treats they gave you that mum and dad wouldn’t allow, do something grand and show them how much they mean to you with a Grandparents Day ecard. Don’t forget to add your own message to your ecard for an added personal touch. If you’d like to go even further, Age Concern – the charity who brought this day to the UK – are always accepting volunteers for their befriending service.

Lots of big holidays are coming up over the next few months so make sure to sign up for an account with us and send unlimited amounts of Halloween ecards, Thanksgiving ecards, Christmas ecards and more!

Congratulate Their Hard Work

August 24th, 2015

The last month has seen a lot of nervous students eagerly awaiting results from from the past year of gruesome hard work. With the final batch of results, the dreaded GCSEs, having come and gone last week it’s time for everyone to sigh a breath of relief. So, whether they did great, or not as well as they’d hoped, it’s time to congratulate them on all the hard work and effort they put in and we have some ecards for you below that are perfect for the occasion.

Chalkboard Ecard

Congratulations Ecard

Congratulations Ecard

You Passed!



Exam Congrats Ecard

Congratulations on Exam Results E-card

Congratulations on Exam Results E-card

Each ecard has a blank space for you to customise with your own message letting them know just how how proud you are.

The next few months has a lot going on so check out our selection of Halloween ecards, Thanksgiving ecards and even Christmas ecards. With a selection of fun animations for every occasion, and unlimited sending with a Katie’s Cards ecard membership, sign up now and make the most of what we have to offer.

Long Live the Ecard

August 6th, 2015

We saw an interesting article in the paper today that explained how friends and family are opting to send online greetings such as ecards to loved ones as a more creative option for Birthdays. Now we may be a little biased, but with fun, engaging animations on offer for all ages, with the option to customise with your own message, we’re inclined to agree.

So with this in mind we thought we’d unveil our top 3 most popular Birthday ecards just incase you’re looking for a little inspiration. Click on the images to watch the animated versions.

#1 The Cake Maker Birthday Ecard

Birthday Ecards

Birthday Ecards

#2 Birthday Fireworks

Birthday Fireworks Ecard

Birthday Fireworks Ecard

#3 Birthday Flowers

Birthday Flowers Ecard

Birthday Flowers Ecard


Don’t forget we have collections of Christmas ecards, Halloween ecards, Invitation ecard, Engagement ecards and more. With a Katie’s Cards membership you can send an unlimited amount of ecards.

Summer Birthdays

July 14th, 2015

Summer brings an influx of Birthday’s, which means one thing; getting creative when planning the celebrations. With just a few bits and pieces, it’s easy to create an outdoor oasis to make the most of the warm weather, and gather a few friends and family together. After looking around for inspiration, we found a couple of great ideas for an evening or daytime event.

Garden Party

Photos courtesy of, http://tinyurl.com/cmrrvus & http://tinyurl.com/ot2yefc

For an evening meal or gathering, you can go a long way by adding a few simple features to a garden or park. Buntings, mason jars, candles and some string lights make any outdoor space a great place to celebrate. On the other hand, if you’re planning a daytime Birthday, a few cushions, blankets and scarfs can make a great relaxation spot to gather friends and family and relax.


Continuing on in the summery theme, we have an ideal selection of seasonally inspired Birthday ecards. Here are just a couple you could send to loved ones over the coming months.

Fairies Birthday E-card

Fairies Birthday Ecard

Fairies Birthday Ecard

Flowers Birthday Ecard

'Floral Birthday' birthday e card

‘Floral Birthday’ birthday e card from www.katiescards.com

Don’t forget you can pre-schedule all our birthday e cards to go out on the date, or alternatively, send them in an instant. A Katie’s Cards membership allows you unlimited sending on all our ecards for the duration of your membership so remember to check out our selection of Christmas ecards, Halloween ecards and more.


July 4th Ecards

July 2nd, 2015

Independence Day is just two days away and we wanted to show you a few ways we can help you celebrate it in style. We thought we’d share our July 4th Pinterest board with you which has some great ideas for making themed accessories and foods to match the celebrations.

July 4th Cupcake Idea

July 4th Cupcake Idea

We have a great selection of July 4th ecards that are ideal for reaching out to loved ones you can’t be with on the day.

Katie's Cards 4th July Ecard

Katie’s Cards 4th July Ecard


Sending a personalised greeting is a great way to send a message of care to loved ones with some patriotic spirit. View our selection of imaginative animated July 4th ecards here, and Happy 4th July from Katie’s Cards.

Sending is made easy at Katie’s Cards where you can choose to send all our ecards straight away or schedule them to be sent out at a later date. View our Birthday ecards, Halloween ecards and Christmas ecards here.


Father’s Day is Approaching

June 18th, 2015

Father’s Day is just three days away and while we all like to think we’ll be prepared way ahead of the date, that’s not always the case. Over the years we’ve learnt that there are always (quite) a few of us who don’t have time to make arrangements way ahead of the date, so we thought we’d lend a helping hand by reminding you it’s not too late to order your Father’s Day ecard. Even if you haven’t gotten one by Sunday, make use of our instant sending option.

To help you choose which to send to your dad, we’ve cherry picked a couple from our collection below. If neither of these fit what you’re looking for, head over to our Father’s Day category to pick from the rest of our varied collection.

For the sporty dads our Golfer ecard is always a success,

Golfer Father's Day Ecard

Golfer Father’s Day Ecard


For the modest dads, show him what he means to you with the Superdad ecard,

Superdad Father's Day Ecard

Superdad Father’s Day Ecard


Send instantly, or pre-schedule your card beforehand to arrive on the date, at a time to suit you.

Don’t forget you can send an unlimited amount of ecards with your Katie’s Cards membership so check out our Birthday ecards, Christmas e cards and our other ecard categories for a range of annual events.

Raise a Glass for Dad

June 4th, 2015

Father’s Day is just three weeks away so we thought we’d start sharing some tips and on how you can make Dad’s day. Over the years he’s done all he can to make sure you’re well looked after so making the most of this this once annual opportunity to show thanks is very important . With this in mind, we’ve put together a few ideas that could mean the perfect recipe for a successful Father’s Day.

Organising a family get together

Whether it’s a home cooked meal or a family outing, sometimes it’s just nice when everyone’s together. With three weeks to go there’s plenty of time to rally the troops and plan something nice for the main man in your life.

Join in with one of his hobbies

Whether he likes a spot of fishing, a game of golf or a kick around with a football, it’s always nice to have a companion when doing your favourite things.

 Father's Day Ecard

Fisherman Father’s Day Ecard


If you’re not really into planning events, sometimes there’s nothing better than receiving a gift. While we’re sure your presence and undivided attention is enough to fulfill his day, a gift never hurt anyone. Get creative with something he might like, or that would come in handy for him and surprise him with it on the day.

The Perfect Card

Sending a card is the perfect opportunity to express your gratitude for him and is the most important factor in celebrating Dad’s everywhere. When you send a Father’s Day e-card, you can let your Dad know exactly how much he means to you. Whether you want to remind him of a hobby with one of our sporting ecards, or just to tell him he’s The Perfect Dad, you’ll find exactly the card to suit him at Katie’s Cards.


Father's Day Ecard

‘The Perfect Dad’ Father’s Day Ecard

Another great thing about our Father’s Day ecards is that whether you’re across the globe or down the road, you can send one of our greetings in an instant.  While planning an outing or giving a gift is a lovely addition, the most important thing to remember on Father’s Day is to let him know how grateful you are for all the hard work he’s put in over the years – and what better way than a personalised ecard straight to his inbox.

If you’ve got a busy Birthday month this June, don’t forget to check out our huge collection of animated Birthday ecards.

The Environmentally Friendly You

April 21st, 2015

Today is Earth Day; a day where events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Protecting our planet is so important and there are so many ways we can go about doing it. While our team here at Katie’s Cards can’t help with every way, we can certainly help with one. Sending ecards is an environmentally friendly way of wishing your friends and family your best wishes for a number of annual events, all while saving paper – and money.

Earth Day Ecard

A Snippet of our Earth Day Ecard; Spread the Word


When you think about the number of paper cards you send out every year, that adds up to an awful lot of paper. At Katie’s Cards we don’t just have Birthday ecards, oh no, we also have a huge range of Christmas ecards and greetings for loads of other annual occasions. With a Katie’s Cards membership giving you unlimited sending, just think how much paper, and how many trees, you could be saving.

Now we’re not just advocates of ecards because they’re so kind to the planet, although that’s the main reason we love them –  they also save time. You can send ecards to individuals or to many. You can send them near and far in an instant. Or schedule for a later date if that suits. The point is you can protect the planet with small changes, which are actually beneficial to you. There’s no need to worry if mums Mother’s Day card will get lost in the post, send with Katie’s Cards in an instant.

The Countdown to Easter

March 30th, 2015

Easter is almost upon us and while you start preparations for your Easter weekend break, we’ve been crunching some numbers and have our top 3 most popular Easter ecards ever to grace Katie’s Cards.

#1 Easter Morning

For the nature lovers and animal enthusiasts, the Easter Morning ecard is our number 1 most popular Easter ecard. We’re not the least bit surprised, who could resist this?

Easter E-card

Easter Morning Ecard

 #2 Rabbit Dance

Our syncronised dancing rabbits are the number 2 big hit. While this ecard is perfect for children, we have a feeling this entertaining ecard is appealing to the adults too.

Easter Ecard, Katie's Cards

Rabbit Dance Easter Ecard


# 3 Rainbow

Last, but certainly not least, in our top 3 is the tranquil Rainbow Easter e card. Set against a peaceful backdrop and accompanied by classical music this ecard is suitable for everyone.

Easter Ecard

Whats at the end of an Easter rainbow?


Don’t forget you can schedule your ecards now, leaving you more time for planning the all important Easter egg hunts. If you’re still having trouble deciding which of our cards to send to family and friends near and far, take a look at the rest of our Easter category and don’t forget that a membership with us allows you to send unlimited cards, so really you could just choose them all.

Mother’s Day – Our Turn To Show We Care

March 2nd, 2015

Last week, the eyes of the world (ours included) were on the glitziest of all annual award ceremonies: The Oscars.

During the ceremony, Patricia Arquette was awarded one of the coveted golden statues for her role as single mother, Olivia Evans, in the film Boyhood.

In her acceptance speech she praised mother’s everywhere and called for equal rights for women:



“To every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights. It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America.”

This inspirational speech and our realisation that Mother’s Day in the UK is just around the corner, got us thinking about Mum – about just how much she does and sacrifices without ever asking for anything in return.

Mothering Sunday is a wonderful opportunity to show some gratitude to our superhero mums, who, whether we’re 3 or 33 keep on looking out for us.

One day a year is never enough to truly repay them for putting up with the trials, tribulations, tantrums and teenage years that they’re subjected to but we think saying ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ with a thoughtful e card and a bunch of flowers is good place to start.


Our Mother’s Day ecards are unique from anything you’ll find in a card store, with beautiful animations and a wide variety of designs, there’s something for every Mum in our range.

To send your ecard for Mother’s Day today, sign up for a Katie’s Cards Membership, choose your card, personalise with a heartfelt message and schedule for Sunday 15th March. 

How to Avoid the Cliché for Valentine’s Day

January 27th, 2015

Love it or loathe it, February 14th is on the horizon and is bound to bring an influx in sales for anyone working in the heart-shaped balloon, rose or chocolate industry.

Not that we’re saying that there’s anything wrong with that. After all, everybody likes to feel loved — and by the beginning of February, the chocolate reserves from Christmas are starting to look a bit sparse!

But if you’re thinking of getting that special someone a gift, consider doing something a bit different from the ordinary this year.  And if you’re not sure what that ‘something different’ might be, we’ve listed a run-down of the most clichéd gifts for Valentine’s Day to help you know what NOT to buy – along with some suggestions for personalised variations that could make all the difference…

Storyboard for Robot Love animated valentine's ecard - boy robot gives girl robot his heart

Get their attention – Valentine’s E-Greeting “Robot Love”

Coupon books

Whilst you might get a few brownie points for making rather than buying your gift, a coupon book that offers vouchers for a ‘free foot massage’ or a ‘night off cooking the dinner’ isn’t exactly original. Instead, try making some “Open when…” letters. These are individual hand-written letters created by you and designed to be opened by your other half on different occasions throughout the year — like when they’re celebrating their birthday or feeling under the weather.

A Dozen Red Roses

Everybody loves roses, right? Well yes, some people do and some people don’t. Part of getting your Valentine’s gift right is knowing which camp your partner is in.  If they’re strictly against, choose instead a beautiful bouquet incorporating their favourite posies. And if they don’t like flowers at all, well, you could always try making these?

A Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates

For this Valentine’s Day cliché, it’s not so much the content of the gift that seems a little tired but the method of transport. Chocolates are always a winner but rather than opting for a heart-shaped box that looks like a prop from a Richard Curtis film, be creative and make your own Valentine’s selection box of all their favourite chocolate bars. Or you could be really clever and create a chocolate bar themed story like this one.

A Mixed CD

Now we don’t want to slag off the classic romantic gift that is the mixed CD (or cassette tape if you’re as old as we are) because in the right circumstances it can be the loveliest and most personal gift you can give. But it’s really only something you can get away with giving once, otherwise the gesture loses meaning and can seem just as thoughtless as a withered bouquet bought on the forecourt of a petrol station. For a twist on the traditional mixed tape gift, why not create a slideshow of your favourite pictures accompanied by the song that encapsulates everything you love about your Valentine.

Teddy Bear

You know the kind: small, fluffy and holding an over-sized red heart that reads ‘Be My Valentine’ in italics. There’s not that much that we can say about these except, unless you’re dating an Arctophile (a.k.a. teddy bear collector), save your money and instead choose something that has a bit more significance to your relationship.

Love Hearts

When you’re standing in your local shop on February 13th frantically trying to pick out a present for your significant other, a packet of Love Hearts might seem like the obvious (and easy) choice. But, again, unless Love Hearts have had a profound role in your relationship, it’s probably not a good idea to invest in them on this particular occasion. And if you do decide to go for these opinionated candied treats, at least have a go at being a bit creative with them…


If you think Valentine’s Day itself is just one big cliché, you might opt to ignore the whole thing altogether thus presenting your long suffering partner with one of the most common and lacklustre gifts of any Valentine’s – the invisible one. Your argument might be ‘it’s a made up holiday!’ And our retaliation to that would be ‘so what!’ When all’s said and done, it’s a day that encourages people to stop for a second and share their love… And who can argue with that? Which brings us neatly to our final point…

What makes these Valentine’s gifts so cliché?

It’s not because they’re not appreciated, but probably more to do with the fact they generally don’t require much thought. They speak to everyone and not the individual.

That age old adage: ‘it’s the thought that counts’ is never more relevant than here – because gifts aren’t important but taking the time to show you care is.

Preview of Mr Cheese Valentine's Ecard - Mr Cheese on a bike with caption "I wheelie like you"

Something a bit different – Mr Cheese Valentines Ecard

Do something a bit different to show someone you care – send a personalised Valentine’s Day e-card with Katie’s Cards.