Sending e cards saves the environment and your pennies!

Hi all,

I was doing a bit of rooting around on the internet this week and I managed to find some statistics that I thought you would find interesting…

  1. The average person sends approximately 30 cards a year
  2. Including postage, the majority of people spend around £88 a year on sending cards to loved ones
  3. Over 312,000 trees are cut down each year for greetings cards for the UK, USA and Australasia

I thought it was interesting that these figures seemed so high in a world where we are worrying both about climate change AND the Global Financial Crisis but there must be a reason that we, as a collective of human beings, feel it necessary to send messages to our family and loved ones on special occasions?

I know what my reasons for sending messages are; I like to make the special people in my life feel that they are significant to me. I want all of my loved ones to feel special at least twice a year and by remembering an occasion or a special day, I feel like I do this.

I am not one for buying expensive gifts. The gifts I give to my loved ones are either inexpensive tokens or (on the odd occasion) quite expensive items that are perfectly suitable for one special person in my life that I just couldn’t possibly ignore, but whether the occasion requires a gift or not, one thing I always send is an ecard.

The cost of a subscription for e-cards is so little that its almost embarrassing to mention in comparison to paper cards. £7 to send as many cards as you like in one year, saving the average person £81 a year. Why would you ever want to send paper cards?

It a no-brainer for me. Especially when taking into consideration the affect cutting down trees is having on climate change…

Anyway, just some food for thought for you, please add your comments as I would love to know what you think of this information.

Have a nice weekend,

Katie x

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