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40 is definitely the new 30!

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Hi all,

I may be wrong, but I believe that us 40+’s seem much younger and more active than older generations were when they’d hit their 40’s. My friends and I have talked about it on a few occasions, usually at a birthday party (when one of us has hit a milestone age) that we remember our parents in their 40’s seeming a lot older than we are now. Maybe we’re more active nowadays? Or we have more choices available to us such as traveling and hobbies which weren’t as easy an option way back when. Or maybe its just because we’re all living longer?

Whatever the reason, there is a definite difference in the milestones of hitting 40th, 50th 60th and 70th birthdays and we’re no longer condemning people to the sort of ‘its all downhill from now’ expectations that we used to, which is why in my daily research of all things birthday, I was delighted to see an article on the Detroit Free Post website about how women are celebrating turning 40 in a fun and glamourous fashion!

You can read the full article here. The writer notes that women nowadays are approaching the milestone birthday of 40 with a zest. One lady who celebrated her birthday by flying to Mexico with her friends and explained that her mother thought her plans were over the top as no one did anything like that when she turned 40. I don’t agree that this type of celebration is over the top as I think if you have the spare cash to do something like that then you should! My 40th was spent with friends and family in a big get together and it was lovely. I felt like it was decadent because everyone was spending a lot of their time and attention on me and I did have a brilliant time. I received tones of birthday cards (and some birthday e cards from my own collection!) and presents and really let my hair down.

So to anyone out there who is turning 40 today – a big Katies Cards HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you’re celebrating in style and remember, its the new 30!

Katie x