I hope you all had a nice weekend – and an interesting blog you might like

Hi all,

Well the weather didn’t turn out too bad and I managed a couple of walks with Plum without rain!

I hope you all had a nice weekend too and are ready for the week ahead.

As well as making e cards, I really enjoy sitting down with a cup of tea and having a good old search on the internet for new ideas, blogs and anything interesting to share with you and I try to do it whenever I can. This weekend I came across a lovely blog called Chocolate and Carrots which I think that you might like. Its written by a young woman called Caroline and she blogs about her life, interests, dog, her husband and cooking. My favourite posts of all are about her cooking!

She is obviously a very good home cook but what I love about her food is that she has a really good mix of really healthy and easy recipes like the ‘almond crusted fish tacos’ and her ‘whole wheat chicken dumplings’, then a selection of naughtier treats which she has made more healthy such as her ‘wickedly healthy carrot cake muffins’ and the ‘crispy baked sweet potatoe fries’. And finally, to satisfy all those greedy cravings, she adds an assortment of really indulgent recipes such as the ‘salted caramel chocolate cake’ and the ‘chocolate peanut butter mouse tartlettes’ (mouth watering pictures from Chocolate and Carrots follow):

As far as I can see, Caroline’s approach to food and cooking is a very healthy and balanced one. She is obviously a real foodie, but knows you can’t just stuff your face with indulgent treats and not suffer the consequences and so balances it out with healthy eating and cuts out unnecessary excess when she can – a method, I feel, more people should take heed of.

I found her blog interesting and will definitely be trying out some of her recipes so thought that some of you might like it too. Take a look and let me know if you have any comments or have found blogs or websites that you want to share.

Katie x

P.s. Don’t forget that Labor Day is on the 5th of September – schedule your Labor Day e cards today!

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