Celebrating Halloween – 2011.10.24

Hi all,

Halloween is almost upon us! We are just adding the finishing touches to the new Halloween e card which will be on the website very soon!

I love Halloween. Its such a magical time for children and there is excitement in the air. When my children were younger, we always used to have huge Halloween parties for them with their friends. We would spend all day decorating the the inside and outside of the house and Molly and Joe would be planning and then sculpting their pumpkins for the whole of the half term holiday!

All the effort was worth it, as everyone would have lots of fun. We played halloween games like apple bobbing and a special one that we made up using ringed doughnuts, tying string around the middle and then tying them to the tree outside. The aim of the game was to eat a whole doughnut without using your hands and once we’d crowned the winner,  we would all troop off to trick or treat around our neighbourhood.

I rooted out these old pictures of the parties and the doughnut game:

What do you do for halloween?

Katie x

P.s. below is a video of one of our old Halloween ecards that is perfect for sending to any loved one at this special time of year.

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