Brand New Thanksgiving and Christmas Ecards in the Katie’s Cards Collection. 2011.11.22.


With the festive season approaching, demand for e cards is ever increasing as more and more people opt to send animated and musical e greetings to their loved ones across the globe because they are cost-effective and green. Unlike most e card companie’s, Katie’s Cards has always produced a large variety of ecards to suit all tastes and ages, meaning that customers can use their membership fully throughout the whole year for all of their loved ones, and have just released some brand new seasonal and Christmas e cards to add to the varied collection:

Thanksgiving e cards

The brand new ‘Leaf Waltz’ is perfect to send to adult friends and family. A stylish animation, the animation of dancing autumnal leaves is beautiful and is perfectly accompanied by Sonata a Quattro No.3 in C Major, composed by Gioachino Rossini.

In complete contrast to the ‘Leaf Walt’ is the other new thanksgiving ecard: ‘Turkey Shoot’ e card game. Set to fun and upbeat country music, the name of the game is to shoot the thanksgiving turkeys’s as they leap from behind various walls, doors and rocks. The perfect greeting and gift for all of your fun-loving friends and relatives to enjoy. Try out this card here.

These ecards will join the others in the thanksgiving collection which contains a great range of ecards such as the humorous ‘Turkey Breakout’ series, the traditional ‘Painted Turkey’ and The First Thanksgiving’ and modern ‘Mayflower’ ecards.

Christmas e cards

‘Runaway Turkey’ is another new Christmas e card game, this one however, involves the player in a chase in which a hungry farmer runs after a runaway turkey. The player has to help the turkey escape by helping it avoid obstacles in its path. A great way to send festive greetings to loved ones, this fantastic e card game retains the traditional features of ecards but entertains the recipient as well as sending the message. Try out this e card game here.

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