Get the kids involved organising Thanksgiving! – 2011.11.03

Hi all,

Being a mum myself, I know how difficult it can be to organise a big event that pleases everybody. There is so much to do on big days like Thanksgiving and if you have children, it can be hard to manage looking after the food preparation as well as keeping them entertained!

I always think the best way to approach big events is to get the kids involved in the preparation, you get some help and they enjoy themselves and feel happy that they have contributed. The most obvious thing that they can help with is the food but this is not always a good idea; small children and hot pans do not mix and so depending on your set up, you may want to avoid this.

I always find giving them something that they can be creative with works the best, so I was delighted to find these brilliant Thanksgiving craft making instructions for the big day:

Make Thanksgiving party hats

Thanksgiving place cards

Not only will they help to give them something fun to do, but the end result will be lovely!

Please let me know if you try either of them and do send pictures if you would like to see them on the blog!

Katie x

P.s. We have a brand new Thanksgiving e card in the collection – take a look here

Turkey Shoot 2 [Thanksgiving ecard]


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