Put your feet up Dad, it’s Father’s Day! New Father’s Day e card. 2012.06.14.

What would we do without our Dad’s?

They pick us up when we fall down, make our cuts and scrapes better and are always there to give  us a lift (in the car or otherwise!) when needed.

Daddy’s allover the globe provide for, protect and swell with pride as they watch their children grow up, make mistakes and become adults. I couldn’t do without mine and so I like to make sure that he knows how important and special he is by sending him an e card with a personal message telling him to enjoy his day.

We have a great range of Father’s Day e cards to choose from – there is something suitable for all types of Dad’s out there. We’ve also just added a fun new card which encourages those special guys to put their feet up on Sunday!

New Father's Day e card from www.katiescards.com

New Father's Day e card from www.katiescards.com

Hope you all have a fantastic time celebrating Father’s Day!

Katie x

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