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SPECIAL OFFER ALERT! Order your company e card before 15th October save money! 2012.09.20.

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

You may or may not be aware that as well as creating high quality e cards for personal use, Katie’s Cards also produces a range of corporate e cards that are used by companies across the globe to send to their customers and staff for special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years Eve.

We have a wide range of cards to choose from as well as a diverse mix of options to suit different needs. As Christmas is our busiest time of year, we decided to kick off early and give you a great reason to organise your company Christmas e card a little early;


To claim this offer all you have to do is email she will talk you through the process and give you a quote which will include your 5% discount. However, you must make sure to pay the holding deposit on or before the 15th of October otherwise you will lose out on this great offer.

This is a great way to get organised a bit earlier than normal as well as save money so don’t miss out!

'Glowing Tree' corporate e card from

'Glowing Tree' corporate e card from

Katies Cards e card of the day.2012.09.19.

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Todays e card of the day is the beautiful ‘Birthday Flowers’ birthday e card from Katie’s Cards. This is a wonderful card to send to your female loved ones for their birthday or others who enjoy a spot of gardening or flowers.

'Floral Birthday' birthday e card from

'Floral Birthday' birthday e card from

Seasonal Cities – a new corporate e card from Katie’s Cards. 2012.09.18.

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Here is a fantastic new corporate e card from Katie’s Cards entitled ‘Seasonal Cities’.

This card is the perfect solution for international businesses of any size to send to their customers and clients all over the globe to wish them Christmas greetings.

It is available to send on our ‘Do It Yourself’ website now! You can personalise and send it, adding your company logo, message and URL as well as pre-selecting the send date in advance, in a matter of moments (a very handy feature which means you can organise and pay for your card now and then sit back and wait for it to be sent out on your desired date in December).

We have a fantastic range of business e cards to choose from – so take a look through our catalogue here and don’t forget to get in touch if you have any questions or problems. Click here to get in touch!

This is an extremely cost-effective and green way to communicate with customers and show you care about their custom.

Keep an eye out for more new cards – we have more planned to be released before Christmas (including a new Turkey Escape card!) so make sure to come back and take a look!

'Seasonal Cities' new corporate e card from

'Seasonal Cities' new corporate e card from