Three images which epitomise Chinese New Year

To me, ‘Chinese New Year‘ evokes so many different images: vivid colours, dancing dragons, noisy street celebrations and a rich assault on the senses. With the festival fast-approaching, Pinterest is brimming with pictures that evoke the vibrant nature and richness of these celebrations and so I’ve picked three of my favourite images which I think portray the Chinese New Year festivities.

The Dragon Dance

The Dragon Dance is a central part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Dragons are considered to bring good luck and the dance is meant to show the power and dignity of the creature.

The Dragon Dance

Source: Rachel Cabrera


Source: Meredith Di Constanzo, originally from the (

Source: Meredith Di Constanzo, originally from the (


This photograph really seems to evoke the vibrant nature of Chinese New Year and shows some wonderful celebratory fireworks.

Chinese new year image 3

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