Who knew?

Since we’re often trying to devise new birthday ecard┬ádesigns, we thought it would be fun to try to unearth some lesser known birthday facts to inspire us …

– Though, to me, it always seems like there are tonnes of birthdays in March and April, about 9% of all people celebrate their birthdays in August, making it the month with the highest birth rate! It is followed by July and September.

'Floral Birthday' birthday e card from www.katiescards.com

‘Floral Birthday’ birthday e card from www.katiescards.com

– Allegedly, the date on which the least number of people are born is the 22nd of May.

– In contrast, the highest number of people are born on the 5th October … 9 months after New Year’s Eve.

– Around eighteen million people sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song every day (though I’m not sure how anyone could work this out!)

Do you have any surprising birthday facts that you’d like to share with us? If so, comment under this post or email your suggestions to katie@katiescards.com. If you know anyone who has a birthday coming up, why not include one of these fun facts in their ecard?

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