Planning a picnic? Then keep these tips in mind…

This beautiful sunny weather we’ve been blessed with for the past few days can only mean one thing, it’s time for a picnic! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of settling down on rug and munching on a delicious assortment of treats whilst the sun warms your face. But bear in mind these tips if you’re planning on dining al fresco in the park anytime soon:

1. Living in England, you get used to the heavens opening as soon as you’ve settled down in your picnic spot so make sure you have somewhere you can run to if it starts raining!

2. Keep it simple – sticky foods, ice cream and big heavy dishes probably aren’t the most practical things to take along…

3. Beware of our black and yellow friends! If you take cans of fizzy drinks along, make sure you pour the contents into a plastic cup before drinking in case a wasp has decided to climb in.

4. If you freeze a couple of bottles of water beforehand then they can double up as cool blocks in your picnic hamper!

So there you have it – the tips for a perfect picnic. If you think we’ve missed something essential off the list then don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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