Ladies and Gentlemen, the RHS brings you… ugly flowers

Here at Katie’s Cards, we generally love all things floral. From big blooming bouquets to the subtle scent of an English rose, we are constantly pinning floral images on Pinterest, ¬†using flowers as inspiration for our ecards¬†and filling the office with daffodils and other hand-picked treats. Recently, however, the lovely people at the RHS conducted a poll of the ugliest plant species they could find and the results are, well, peculiar.

gardening ecard

Our more aesthetically pleasing floral ecard

From the rafflesia arnoldii – famous for emitting the smell of rotting flesh (!) – to the raoulia eximia from New Zealand which looks like a grazing sheep from a distance, you can view all the weird and the wonderful contenders here on the Interflora blog.

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