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May Day! May Day! Another Bank holiday!

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Not that we’re complaining, but it’s bank holiday again on Monday (5th May).

It feels like the kids have only just gone back school after the Easter break (mainly because they only just have) and now we’re forced to think up some marvellous activities that will keep them out of mischief on May Day.

So we thought it should be Katie’s Cards mission to use this week’s blog to put together some useful suggestions on how to spend your Great British Holiday – without breaking the bank.

1)      Pick up your picnic basket

Everybody loves to eat al fresco, don’t you know. There’s just something nice about being in the great outdoors with a flask of tea and an egg and cress sandwich. So rather than stopping in for lunch why not pack up your picnic blanket and taking to dining outdoors, even if it’s just in your back garden. And if you’ve already planned to go on a day trip, save some money with a pre-packed meal that you can enjoy whenever and wherever you feel like it.

2)      Go on a treasure hunt

If your picnic involves a walk, consider incorporating a treasure hunt as well – it’s a great way to distract the small-legged members of your clan from complaining. Give Geocachinga go – download the geocaching app for free and search for thousands of hidden packages placed in secret locations all over the world. Just follow the clues and your map to find any nearby Geocaches.

3)      Be beside the seaside

One of the benefits of living on an island is that you’re never too far from the sea. So slap the sun-tan lotion and head to the coast for unlimited free sand-castle making, paddling and sun soaking. And the perfect place for a SAND-wich… pass the picnic basket, please.

4)      Get gardening

Spring is the perfect time to get your gardening gloves on, sow seeds and plant flowers that you’ll be able to appreciate all the way through to the summer months. Get messy in the soil and start your own vegetable patch whilst teaching your little ones all about nature.

5)      Visit the farm

Spring is also a great time to pop down to your local farm. It’s a lot cheaper than a visit to the zoo and there’s usually a chance for your children to interact with the animals.

Of course, most of these activities rely on the unreliable – the weather.

But here’s hoping for a lovely sunny day. And even if it rains… well, we’ve never let it stop us before, have we?!

Take care,

Katie x


Take a look at our Holiday Activities Pinterest board for more ideas of what to do on May Day or during other upcoming school breaks. 

And for our readers in the US, don’t forget to schedule your Mother’s Day ecard for the 11th May.

Hot (Cross) Bunnies Ecard

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Have you seen that we’ve added a new Easter ecard? 

Ok, so as you might be able to tell from the image below, the bunnies involved in our new animated ecard aren’t exactly what you’d describe as ‘cross’ but they are in ‘hot’ air balloons – just to prove that the title of this blog isn’t completely ridiculous.

New Easter Bunny E Card from Katie's Cards

New Easter Bunny E Card from Katie’s Cards

Bunny Balloons is a bright and colourful ecard, perfect for children anxiously awaiting a visit from the Easter bunny.

Not that us grown-ups aren’t all excited too!

Here at Katie’s Cards, we’re all really looking forward to a long weekend, filled with lots of fun family times.

And we hope that whatever you get up to – easter egg hunts in the garden, going on a short break or even just sprucing up the home – enjoy it!

Happy Easter – have a hot cross bun for us!

Hot Cross Bun Recipe

Hot Cross Bun Recipe – click to open

If you’ve not sent an Easter card yet, don’t fret, there’s still time! Browse our huge catalogue of ecards to find the right design for you. Become a member and send unlimited cards all over the globe in an instant.

Easter Ecards: How Do We Do It?

Monday, April 14th, 2014

With so many ecards for so many different occasions, you might wonder where we get all our ideas from.

Well most of the time, it all starts with a bit of a brainstorming session here at KC headquarters. We get a cuppa (and maybe a couple of biscuits) sit down, talk it over and eventually we’ll have something of an idea of what we want; what it’s for, what the wording of the greeting will be, what happens and how we want it to look.

And sometimes, we don’t even come up with the idea at all.

In 2012, we created the ‘Easter Sunday’ ecard in response to various requests from our members to provide a more religious Easter greeting.

Celebrate Easter with the Easter Sunday Ecard From Katie's Cards

Celebrate Easter with the Easter Sunday Ecard From Katie’s Cards

It was a great success. And since then we’ve been really keen for our members to let us know when they can’t find the right card or if they think there’s something we’ve missed from our range.

We’d hate to think our members might feel restricted by the designs we offer because we’re truly dedicated to providing a good alternative to the paper greetings card – which means making sure that there’s enough categories and cards to suit every taste.

So whether you want to comment below, get in touch via our Facebook page, by email, phone or post – we’d love to hear if you think there’s something we could add to make your job of picking the right card a bit easier.

In the meantime, if you’re thinking about sending an Easter card to family and friends near and far, take a look at the rest of our Easter category and don’t forget that membership allows you to send unlimited cards in an instant or for a date in the future.

Age is just a number; part three

Friday, April 4th, 2014

It is officially Spring. The clocks have gone forward and the days are getting warmer. May your winter blues make way for those debilitating Spring allergies. Aaah pollen. So as you grab for the tissues and try to remain safely within the confines your pollen free walls, take a look at the latest addition to our Katie’s Cards children’s birthday e card with a sneak preview of its first sketch out to the final design.


For every age specific ecard we create, we get together and come up with an idea that will perfectly appeal to the demographic. So, the idea of astronauts for a 6th birthday ecard was precisely that- an e card that would appeal to the soon to be six year old masses. After all, being an astronaut seemed a pretty solid future career goal- you know, in the future when we didn’t have more important things going on like eating cake and napping.

6th Birthday Astronaut Ecard

6th Birthday Astronaut Ecard

So, for children celebrating their super sixth birthday, we are proud to announce our animated Astronaut ecard offering  a unique birthday ecard that’s out of this world. Don’t forget Easters just around the corner, preschedule your Easter ecards to go out now.