Easter Ecards: How Do We Do It?

With so many ecards for so many different occasions, you might wonder where we get all our ideas from.

Well most of the time, it all starts with a bit of a brainstorming session here at KC headquarters. We get a cuppa (and maybe a couple of biscuits) sit down, talk it over and eventually we’ll have something of an idea of what we want; what it’s for, what the wording of the greeting will be, what happens and how we want it to look.

And sometimes, we don’t even come up with the idea at all.

In 2012, we created the ‘Easter Sunday’ ecard in response to various requests from our members to provide a more religious Easter greeting.

Celebrate Easter with the Easter Sunday Ecard From Katie's Cards

Celebrate Easter with the Easter Sunday Ecard From Katie’s Cards

It was a great success. And since then we’ve been really keen for our members to let us know when they can’t find the right card or if they think there’s something we’ve missed from our range.

We’d hate to think our members might feel restricted by the designs we offer because we’re truly dedicated to providing a good alternative to the paper greetings card – which means making sure that there’s enough categories and cards to suit every taste.

So whether you want to comment below, get in touch via our Facebook page, by email, phone or post – we’d love to hear if you think there’s something we could add to make your job of picking the right card a bit easier.

In the meantime, if you’re thinking about sending an Easter card to family and friends near and far, take a look at the rest of our Easter category and don’t forget that membership allows you to send unlimited cards in an instant or for a date in the future.

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