What’s the Best Greeting for a Christmas Card?

The best way to pass on good wishes for the festive season can often be a subject of much debate and consideration when the time comes to send out the annual flurry of Christmas ecards

The question is: should you wish a simple Season’s Greetings, a very Merry Christmas or a heartfelt Happy Holidays?

Well, according to one journalist writing in The Guardian, the best way to wish festive greetings is with a ‘Merry Christmas’.

Writer, Heather Long, argues that this sentiment, which tends to be the preferred choice in the UK, should be adopted more widely as it invites everyone wished a ‘Merry Christmas’ to feel a part of the celebrations.

She suggests that while our friends across the pond have opted for the more neutral greeting of ‘Happy Holidays’, Britons have historically and predominantly shared in the sentiment of ‘Merry Christmas’ in a bid to encourage all to join in. She writes:

I’d rather be able to wish people a Merry Christmas this week without having to worry if they’ll be offended. I’d also rather have people wish me Happy Hanukkah, Happy Diwali or Eid Mubarak when those holidays come around. It makes me feel more a part of their celebration. Let’s call each holiday what it is instead of trying to lump Jewish, Christian and even the Kwanzaa ritual together.”

Do you agree? What greeting do you normally go for when writing out the personal message for your Christmas E Cards? And if you’re already a member of Katie’s Cards and have sent your ecards for Christmas – which greeting have you opted for?

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