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What’s the Best Greeting for a Christmas Card?

Monday, December 8th, 2014

The best way to pass on good wishes for the festive season can often be a subject of much debate and consideration when the time comes to send out the annual flurry of Christmas ecards

The question is: should you wish a simple Season’s Greetings, a very Merry Christmas or a heartfelt Happy Holidays?

Well, according to one journalist writing in The Guardian, the best way to wish festive greetings is with a ‘Merry Christmas’.

Writer, Heather Long, argues that this sentiment, which tends to be the preferred choice in the UK, should be adopted more widely as it invites everyone wished a ‘Merry Christmas’ to feel a part of the celebrations.

She suggests that while our friends across the pond have opted for the more neutral greeting of ‘Happy Holidays’, Britons have historically and predominantly shared in the sentiment of ‘Merry Christmas’ in a bid to encourage all to join in. She writes:

I’d rather be able to wish people a Merry Christmas this week without having to worry if they’ll be offended. I’d also rather have people wish me Happy Hanukkah, Happy Diwali or Eid Mubarak when those holidays come around. It makes me feel more a part of their celebration. Let’s call each holiday what it is instead of trying to lump Jewish, Christian and even the Kwanzaa ritual together.”

Do you agree? What greeting do you normally go for when writing out the personal message for your Christmas E Cards? And if you’re already a member of Katie’s Cards and have sent your ecards for Christmas – which greeting have you opted for?

A Thank You E Card from Me to You…

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Hello, Katie here.

I’ve deserted the drawing board this morning in favour of my desktop computer, as I thought it necessary to share a quick message of thanks.

I’d like to say a great big thank you to all of our wonderful members; for your loyalty, support and help with comments about the website and our selection of ecards.

It might sound a little bit cheesy, but we really DO appreciate it when we get messages or blog comments suggesting a new type or style of card to add to our ever-growing collection.

Recently, we received some great suggestions from one of our Trans-Atlantic members about creating ecards for Memorial Day and Veterans Day which we’re keen to act upon. And also some feedback about our 4th July ecards which has definitely proved useful, particularly as we’re just in the process of developing a new animated design for this celebration.

We do get quite a buzz here when we think that what we make from our little company in Teddington is shaped and helped along by people from all over the world, looking for that perfect e card to sum up the occasion.

So thank you again. And as always, please do feel free to let us know if you think there are any important dates in the calendar that we’ve missed or even if you just have a great idea for a Birthday greeting or Christmas ecard.

Get in touch by adding a comment on our blog, send us an email or contact us through our Facebook page.

Right, I think it’s time to get on with some of these new designs. Back to the drawing board I go!

Take care,

Katie x

Last Minute Valentine

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

So we’re going to assume that you’ve sorted your Valentine’s day card thanks to our new ‘Cheesy Valentine’ ecard - but what about a present?

Whether you’ve been trying hard to avoid it or just haven’t had the time to organise anything fancy, Valentine’s Day is almost here. But never fear, Katie’s Cards is here to share some of last minute gift ideas from around the web that just happen to be pretty economical too.

Personalised Sharpie Mugs

You can find design ideas for these all over Pinterest but we really liked the idea of personalised Mr and Mrs mugs. You could even add a special date to the handle. We’ve also heard on the grape vine that the cheaper the mug, the better the result – so don’t worry about raiding your Granny’s china cupboard, a cheap mug from the supermarket or Ikea should do the job.

DIY Mr and Mrs Sharpie Mugs

DIY Mr and Mrs Sharpie Mugs

Love Pegs

We saw these a couple of days ago and shared them on our Facebook page. Turn an everyday run of the mill clothes peg into a secret love message for a Valentine that won’t leave them hanging.

peg message

Secret Valentine’s Peg Message

Breakfast in Bread

Breakfast in bed is old hat, so liven things up a bit by getting creative in the kitchen.

egg in a basket

Love heart egg in a basket

Serve up a tasty treat of egg in the (love heart) basket with an extra decadent side of (love heart) bacon. Does there exist a thing on earth more overwhelming than love that’s bacon flavoured?

bacon hearts

A tasty side of heart-shaped bacon

Sweets for your Sweet

If breakfast in bed isn’t their bag, have a go at baking up a batch of these loveheart cupcakes to satisfy their sweet tooth.

loveheart cupcakes

Satisfy their sweet tooth with these Loveheart cupcakes

Whatever the occasion we’re always looking for new and creative arts and craft ideas so if you’re itching to share your tips and insights, we’d love to hear them! Contact us through our Facebook page or comment below.

Lovely customer feedback

Friday, February 15th, 2013

One of our users recently gave us this lovely feedback and we wanted to share it with you:

“Thank you for your very interesting newsletter. I’m an Aquarian so it was particularly interesting to me. I love your cards, especially the Chinese New Year card with the beautiful Coy Carp. I’ve sent that one to several of my friends even though we are not Chinese – I had to share it with them … I love your cards and always send them to my friends on the appropriate occasions because I love the art work.”

It’s always wonderful to hear such positive feedback and it’s equally helpful to get feedback from our users. So, if there’s a particular occasion that we don’t have any ecards for or if you’d like to see more ecards in a particular style, then please do get in touch with us. You can send your comments and suggestions to

Additionally, keep your eyes peeled for our monthly newsletter and if you too are a fan of the Coy Carp ecard, you’ll be pleased to know that it will soon be available for you to send as a birthday card!

Katie x

Grandparents – what do they mean to you?

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Hi all,

Its coming up to Grandparents day (11th September for American’s and the 2nd of October for the UK). We’re getting an e card ready for you to send right now which should be available to pre-schedule in the next few days (I will let you know when it is up and running), but for the mean time I thought it would be nice to share our thoughts and feelings on Grandparents and what they mean to us.

To me, a Grandparent is the fun someone who gives extra treats and cuddles just because they can. Someone who helps mum and dad if and when they can and always has a shoulder to cry on, whether it be because of a broken heart or a scraped knee.

I would love to know your thoughts on what Grandparents mean to you – whether you are a Grandparent yourself or simply want to share a special message, please comment and let me know what you think! To make a comment please visit my facebook page here and have your say!

Katie x