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National Smile Month

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

This month is National Smile Month, I’m not quite sure who makes up these events but it seems like a good one to acknowledge! We have a selection of ecards that you can send ‘just because’ and we’re sure that they’d bring a smile to anyone’s face. Our ‘thinking of you’ cards are perfect to send to someone who is going through a tough time and our note cards are a great way in which to send someone a little message to brighten up their day.

'Thinking of You' Ecard

‘Thinking of You’ Ecard

We’re also planning to add to our new ‘Wise Words’ category which are appropriate to send at any time of the year. You don’t need to have a special occasion to send a card, in fact, sending one ‘just because’ can often mean so much more.

Have you moved house recently?

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

We’ve just added two new note cards to the Katie’s Cards website and they’re perfect to send if you’ve recently moved house. When you’ve just moved into a property and have boxes crowding every room, it’s easy to forget to let people know your new address. By sending one of these note cards, you can let everyone know the address of your new house with just a few clicks of the mouse.

New Address Ecard

New Address Ecard

It’s a fun way of telling people you’ve moved house and is also convenient – many people keep their address books on their computers these days so they can easily update them with your new one.

New Address Ecard

New Address Ecard

To view the other note card ecards in our collection, simply click here.

3 ways to save money on your wedding using

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Weddings are expensive. As the average wedding now costs nearly $27,000 any way you can save money, especially in these times, is helpful. e-cards can save you money and help save the environment, by using ecards instead of paper in your wedding organisation.

Here are 3 ways that can help you reduce your costs when organising your wedding:

1. Save the Date Ecards

'Save the date' wedding ecard from

‘Save the date’ wedding ecard from

Congratulations! You have a date when you plan to get married so you need to get the message out to your friends and family as quickly as possible.

With you can quickly send a Save The Date e-card to everyone that you plan to invite to the wedding. As an e-card is received almost instantly your guests can add the date to their diary immediately and make sure they can come to your big day.

2. Wedding Invitations

Wedding Day Hats

Wedding Day Hats

At you can also use ecards to send out your wedding invitations. Select from a range of beautiful invitation e-cards, customise the message and then send to your guests, what could be simpler.

3. Thank you notes

'Dinner Plate' Thank you ecard from

‘Dinner Plate’ Thank you ecard from

After your wedding you need to send thank you notes to all your guests. This can be a time-consuming and manual task, so why not use to send out thank you ecards to everyone. Select from our great range of e-cards, send personalised messages and soon all of your thank you cards are done.

So can save you alot of money and time with your wedding planning. What’s more, as a member you are not limited to use our service just for your wedding. For the same membership fee you can send brithday ecards, Christmas ecards and, even, Valentines Day ecards – all for one price.

Congratulations on your engagement, looks forward to helping you save money on your wedding day.

Can e-cards help you achieve your goals in 2013?

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013


January is a natural time to reflect, to turn over a new leaf and to (hopefully) build new habits. We all start with good intentions but they can fade over time.

Psychologists suggest that telling your friends and family of your New Year’s resolutions can help build motivation and new habits. The peer pressure, or the feeling that you have promised something seems to maintain the healthy habits we start.

Did you know that e-cards, specifically e-cards could help you in this process?

Here’s how:

  1. Send e-card messages to all your friends and family saying what you are planning to do, whether that is losing weight, exercising at the gym or giving up smoking. Ask them for their support and that you will keep them informed of your progress.
  2. Regularly, perhaps every 1-2 weeks, send them an update on your progress using e-cards. Let them know what you have achieved, what went well and the times when you struggled.
  3. Your messages and the habit of reporting back to your contacts will help motivate you and give you support from people who all want you to succeed.

You could use Note Cards e-cards to send these messages. Start changing your life now and use to help support you.

Good luck.

Good Luck Team GB! 2012.07.26.

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

I can barely contain my excitement about the Olympics. Its such a wonderful event and I have the upmost respect for all athletes. Their dedication to their passion is utterly inspiring and although I will be cheering loudly for Team GB, I do feel proud of every athletes’ achievement.

The opening ceremony commences tomorrow at 9pm British time and I have a feeling we are in for a real treat!

To show my support, I sent Team GB our specially designed London 2012 Olympics e card with a message from everyone at Katie’s Cards cheering them on. Take a look at the card here. You can post a message of support to Team GB too by visiting To send our Olympic e card to the page simply send the card to yourself (with your special message for Team GB) and when you receive the email with the link to the card, simply copy and past the link onto the Team GB Facebook page for all to see!

London 2012 themed e card from

London 2012 themed e card from

Katie x