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The Monday of Months

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

There are a couple of reasons why it’s really tough staying on the straight and narrow after all the excess of Christmas. Let us explain our experience of the reasons why we think dieting in January is ludicrous:

1)      January is depressing. There’s no getting around it. It’s the Monday of months, the elastic-less pair of underpants in your suitcase and the carrot sticks in your lunch box (sans hummus). Wouldn’t it just make sense to postpone all this healthy stuff? At least until the sun decides to stick around past 4pm?

2)      No-one knew quite what to get us for Christmas despite the numerous and very explicit wish list emails you provided in November. So guess what? They all plumped for chocolate, or booze. Or boozy chocolate. And we all know that leftover chocolate is the worst kind of temptation. Well, you wouldn’t want any hanging around at Easter now, would you?

3)      Everybody knows that in winter time you really need that extra layer to help keep you cosy during those long frosty nights. Take a look at bears. Before they hibernate, they store up as much fat to sustain it through the harsh climate. And as we tend to be battered with bad weather in the winter months after Christmas, it just doesn’t make sense to use up all that energy trying to get rid of a valuable layer of insulation – particularly, with the rise in heating prices.

4)      It’s tough adjusting from a diet of pigs in blankets and mince pies to one of spinach and quinoa. For a greater chance of success, we’d advise weaning yourself off rich foods, perhaps removing the blanket and leaving the pig, then eventually replacing the pig with a parsnip … over a period of several weeks, of course.

Ok, we might be exaggerating for comic effect – but, we do honestly think that it’s probably not the best time to go cold turkey… especially because that’s all we’ve been eating for the last three weeks.

We did however find a couple of recipes that we tried, tested, tasted and liked because they’re simple, tasty and don’t even make you feel like your cutting back.

Choc Truffle Cake

Our attempt at the Chocolate Orange Truffle Cake (we left out the alcohol element to keep it kid friendly). It was a bit on the wonky side but we had to do something with all that surplus Grand Marnier…

And, if like us you agree that now’s really not the time to be thinking about your waistline, try this recipe which might help you at least incorporate some of your leftover chocolate and booze into a really decadent and delicious dessert to share (or not).