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Our Top 3 E-Cards of 2012

Friday, January 4th, 2013

The end of the year is always a time to reflect and look back on the year that was 2012. We’ve had a look through all the e-cards sent this year and have compiled our top three e-cards of 2012.

Here are our Top 3 E-cards of 2012:

1. Birthday Cake Maker

Birthday Cake Maker - a birthday e-card from

Birthday Cake Maker - a birthday e-card from

This fun and inventive birthday e-card shows an elaborate machine that makes a birthday cake. E-cards for birthdays are very popular but this one beat them all.


2. Christmas Cottage

Christmas Cottage Ecard

Christmas Cottage Ecard

This beautiful and elegant Christmas ecard looks like a chocolate box cover. With a traditional greeting this e-card captures the magic of Christmas and gives the viewer a warm and nostalgic glow.


3. Turkey Olympics

Turkey Olympics Xmas Escape

Turkey Olympics Xmas Escape

Not surprisingly our Turkey Olympics Christmas e-card proved to be a big hit in 2012. The London Olympics of 2012 was a definite highlight here at – it was great to see the Torch relay and Cycling near to our office.


2012 has been fun and our top 3 e-cards for the year include classics and new designs.

Which is your favourite?

Katies Cards e card of the day.2012.09.19.

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Todays e card of the day is the beautiful ‘Birthday Flowers’ birthday e card from Katie’s Cards. This is a wonderful card to send to your female loved ones for their birthday or others who enjoy a spot of gardening or flowers.

'Floral Birthday' birthday e card from

'Floral Birthday' birthday e card from

A pretty, new birthday e card from Katie’s Cards. 2012.06.27.

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Here is a lovely new birthday e card from Katie’s Cards for you to send to your loved ones on their special day. The card has a pretty flower design making it a wonderful card to send to loved ones who enjoy gardening, flowers or anything pretty.

Click on the picture below to view the card.

New 'Birthday Flower's' birthday e card from

New 'Birthday Flower's' birthday e card from

We hope you like it!

Katie x

The Katie’s Cards ‘Attack of the Cake Munchers’ game has been played over 620,000 times! 2012.06.06.

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Hi all,

I hope all of you who celebrated, enjoyed the Jubilee celebrations! I have something else for you to celebrate now; our ‘Attack of the Cake Munchers’ game has been played over 620,000 times!

I am absolutely thrilled that people like it so much. We did put a lot of work into developing it. It was a birthday e card originally and  so we had to spend quite a bit of time making it more involved and playable, adding new levels etc. Its great to see that the hard work is paying off with lots of people enjoying the game across the world.

If you haven’t had a go yet, then click here to try it (its completely free!). The aim of the game is to try and stop the cake eating monsters from getting their hands on your cake. There are an assortment of booby traps to help you, but each level gets harder and it gets pretty tough by the end!

Have a go and see what you think – and remember to share it with anyone you think would enjoy it!

Attack of the Cake Munchers game by

Attack of the Cake Munchers game by

Katie x

A sneak-peek of some new ecards! 2012.05.08.

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Hi all,

We’ve been extremely busy recently making lots and lots of new ecards for you. If you have a browse through the collection you will see that we have added some new sections to the website for Note cards and invitation e cards and there are lots of new cards in there for you to send to your loved ones for many different purposes, or just to say hello!

At the moment we are working on a brand new ecard that will be suitable for sending to loved ones who enjoy flowers. We are making several different versions of it so you can send it for a whole range of different occasions. Here is a sneak peak of it – it will be available to send very soon so keep your eyes peeled!

New e cards coming soon from

New e cards coming soon from

Katie x

Brand new ecards! 2012.04.18

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

We have added some wonderful new invitation, note and new baby e cards to the collection – take a look and begin sending immediately. You can send any of the cards here or any where on the website for free by signing up to our completely FREE 1 MONTH trial. Click here for details of the free trial.

I hope you like the new cards!

New baby boy ecard from

New baby boy ecard from

New baby girl ecard from

New baby girl ecard from

New invitation e card from

New invitation e card from

New birthday invitation e card from

New birthday invitation e card from

New note card from

New note card from

New note card from

New note card from

New note card from

New note card from

I hope you like the new additions!

Katie x

Jungle fun with our brand new Birthday ecard! 2012.02.22.

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

We have just finished a wonderful brand new birthday ecard for you that I hope you will love. The cute animation is a jungle scene with lots of friendly animals who dance along to the tropical steel drum music and wish you a happy birthday. This card is a lovely one to send to children who will enjoy it but also anyone who likes animals.

Here is a sneak peak of the card – it will be up and ready to be sent tomorrow so keep an eye out for it!

Birthday jungle ecard from

Birthday jungle ecard from

I hope you enjoy it!

Katie x

Oldie (birthday e card) but still a goodie! 2012.01.25.

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Hi all,

I came across this old birthday ecard and thought I would share it with you!

I can remember when we made this, I thought it was a fun idea – imagine a real-life machine like that at home making birthday cakes for you! It reminds me of the elaborate machines that are used by Wallace to get out of bed, make tea and toast etc. in Wallace and Gromit!

I hope you enjoy it. Please share your ideas for new birthday ecards with me – I would love to hear what you would like to see more of!

Katie x

P.s. you can send this ecard and have it delivered immediately by becoming a Katie’s Cards member today by clicking here.

Birthday fun. 2012.01.24.

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Hi all,

Light hearted fun always makes people feel cheerful around any occasion, let alone their birthday. That is why we like to make a wide selection of birthday ecards of all different styles, including cheerful and fun styles for you to choose from. A great way to have some fun is to take a look at this fun website which calculates the number 1 song on the day that you were born. My song was Wonderland by The Shadows, you can find out yours by clicking here to visit the website.

All you have to do is add in your date of birth and then click on the flag of the country you are from and it will then list the song! You can even then click through to buy a specially framed and personalised record as a gift! They are quite expensive though so probably not something you will buy for everyone. Anyway – thought it was a fun thing to share with you!

Please leave a comment and let me know what your song is! Below is a fun birthday e card from Katie’s Cards that you might like to send to someone who has a birthday coming up. I hope you like it!

Katie x

Birthday cakes (and gifts) for dog-lovers! 2012.01.09.

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Hello all,

I hope you are all settling into the New Year well.

I have a lot of birthdays to send gifts and ecards for in January, so I have been looking around for fun ideas and came across this fantastic page which I thought you might like. Its a write-up of all things relating to dogs and birthdays! The main thrust of the article is about dog themed birthday cakes but when you get down to the bottom of the article there are some great useful links to other dog-themed merchandise and ideas.

Take a look here. I particularly like this ingenius dog cake – its soo realistic!

Amazing dog cake!

If you have a dog-lover friend with a birthday soon, click here to take a look at this ‘Dog and Bone’ birthday ecard, which is sure to raise a smile.

Katie x

Happy birthday Prince Charles! 2011.11.14

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Hi all,

Today is Prince Charles’ 63rd birthday and I couldn’t let it go by without wishing him a very happy birthday!

He has contributed a huge amount to our society today, including the help that is offered by the Princes Trust. Set up in 1976, it is now the UK’s leading youth charity and is dedicated to helping the lives of disadvantaged young people in the UK.

If I knew him personally, I would definitely be sending him a birthday ecard from our collection. I don’t know which card he would like best, but as he is a keen gardener, I thought that he might like our ‘Gardener’ birthday e card!

Here is a fun quiz about Prince Charles for you to test your knowledge!

Katie x

40 is definitely the new 30!

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Hi all,

I may be wrong, but I believe that us 40+’s seem much younger and more active than older generations were when they’d hit their 40’s. My friends and I have talked about it on a few occasions, usually at a birthday party (when one of us has hit a milestone age) that we remember our parents in their 40’s seeming a lot older than we are now. Maybe we’re more active nowadays? Or we have more choices available to us such as traveling and hobbies which weren’t as easy an option way back when. Or maybe its just because we’re all living longer?

Whatever the reason, there is a definite difference in the milestones of hitting 40th, 50th 60th and 70th birthdays and we’re no longer condemning people to the sort of ‘its all downhill from now’ expectations that we used to, which is why in my daily research of all things birthday, I was delighted to see an article on the Detroit Free Post website about how women are celebrating turning 40 in a fun and glamourous fashion!

You can read the full article here. The writer notes that women nowadays are approaching the milestone birthday of 40 with a zest. One lady who celebrated her birthday by flying to Mexico with her friends and explained that her mother thought her plans were over the top as no one did anything like that when she turned 40. I don’t agree that this type of celebration is over the top as I think if you have the spare cash to do something like that then you should! My 40th was spent with friends and family in a big get together and it was lovely. I felt like it was decadent because everyone was spending a lot of their time and attention on me and I did have a brilliant time. I received tones of birthday cards (and some birthday e cards from my own collection!) and presents and really let my hair down.

So to anyone out there who is turning 40 today – a big Katies Cards HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you’re celebrating in style and remember, its the new 30!

Katie x

I was feeling organised

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Hi all,

I hope you all had a nice weekend and are feeling ready for the week ahead!

My weekend was filled with nice homely duties of tidying, organising and baking (though I have to admit that Molly did most of the baking).

For some reason I woke up on Saturday feeling like we had accumulated too much clutter, and so I dedicated my day to getting rid of the old, ugly and un-used in an attempt to make our house a clean and tidy one! The first thing on the agenda was sorting the huge pile of trainers which had somehow grown at the back door, which undoubtedly built up from our regular walks with Plum.


I gradually made my way through the house and by the time I had finished, Molly had pulled out a freshly baked tray of chocolate chip cookies so I was able to take a well earned rest with a cookie and a cup of tea! I was exhausted! The way I had been buzzing round the house you would have thought someone had put a timer on me – it reminded me of our birthday e card for mum – though I was just saving us from clutter and dust, not saving the world!

Once I got through the house I felt I really deserved to relax for the rest of the weekend, which I did with the help of Nick, the kids and Plum.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

Katie x

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What are you up to this weekend?

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Hi all,

What a strange weeks weather we have had here! Some days beautifully sunny and others (like yesterday) rainy and awful. I really hope that the weather this weekend as I am hoping to have another BBQ!

We don’t have much planned this weekend which is great as it means Molly and I will do some baking together. She is much better than me and makes the most delicious chocolate chip cookies! She got the recipe from Nigella’s book and I managed to find it for you online here incase you want to try it. If you do, please let me know what you think!

I do love a bit of baking, although it doesn’t always turn out well though I suppose thats why its interesting – because you never quite know whether your recipe will work! Thats where the inspiration came from for the birthday cake maker birthday e card – its a recipe that always works out well!

Anyway , hope you all have a great weekend!

Katie x

New e-cards!

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Hi all,

Just a quick one to let you know that we have added a new Labor Day ecard as well as versions for wishing someone Get Well Soon, Happy Birthday, Well Done! and Good Job!

Labor Day is coming up on the 5th of September so don’t forget to schedule your Labor Day card to go out on time!

Katie x

Meet the Katies Cards team

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Hi all,

As promised, here are a few snaps to help you get to know me and the rest of the team better.

Our office

First of all, here are two photographs of the Katies Cards office. The building with the bluey-grey ‘Engravers House’ sign above the window is the our office where all of our ecards are created. The building is a converted butchers shop and is bright and airy. There are 3 companies in the building altogether as well as my ceramics studio which was built at the back of the office.


The Katies Cards office

The office is in Teddington, a small and pretty town in Middlesex in the south of England. Its right next to a gorgeous park called Bushy park, where we go at lunch time and where I walk Plum.

The team

We are a small, close-knit team who enjoy working together to create our e cards in our lovely office in Teddington. We often listen to music in the office and because of Nick’s wide taste, usually leave the selection up to him. There are a few pubs nearby where every now and then we go to have a lovely pub lunch.



My husband Nick works with me to come up with ideas for new e cards and helps bring my drawings and paintings to life on the computer screen. He helped me to create my first e card for my Mum and has been instrumental in getting Katies Cards where it is now.

Prior to Katies Cards, Nick studied animation at University. Once qualified, he embarked on a successful 8 years as an animator before deciding to go it alone and use his skills to work as a freelance animator for TV and film, which was how we met Barry.

Nick has an eclectic taste in music and enjoys food, cycling, films and spending time with friends and family.

I am very lucky to be able to work alongside my husband who is extremely talented and committed to producing such high quality cards for you!



Barry is a talented illustrator who has worked with us to create our e-cards from a very early stage. He has made many of the backgrounds and characters you see in our collection and has also been instrumental in helping to shape the seeds of my ideas and come up with new ones!

He studied illustration at University and has since had a very successful 7 year career as an illustrator. When I asked him for some facts to write in the blog, he proudly told me that as a student, he designed the characters in a number 1 Playstation game called ‘Prisoner of war’ which is very impressive!

He is a keen follower of football and art and enjoys playing golf.



Racheal is new to the team, having only joined us 1 month ago. She was brought on board to help us grow Katies Cards due to her 7 years experience in marketing for both large and small companies. Unusually for a marketer, Racheal actually studied Sculpture at University, but after completing the degree realised that she didn’t want to follow the creative path and went on a search to find the right career. After joining a small publishing company as a customer service advisor, she was quickly moved over to the marketing department and rose up the ranks. Since then she has worked for another large publishing company and a disability organisation, planning and implementing marketing campaigns and developing marketing strategies.

Racheal is a keen cook and a lover of all things food, fashion and interiors.



You may already feel like you know a lot about me so i’ll try to keep it brief. I am Katie and I am the person who started this process 5 years ago. I am passionate about saving the environment and I am always on the look out for eco-friendly ideas, which is how I realised that there weren’t any good quality e cards to send to people five years ago when I was looking for an eco-friendly e card for my Mum’s birthday. I decided then to make my own e card, taking some time to make sure it was really good quality and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to do more! I came up with some more ideas for Nick and I to get to work on and then planned how we could sell them to people on the internet. 18 months later we launched with just 25 cards and have steadily been adding more to the collection over the years – we now have over 160 in the collection for all sorts of occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s day, Mothers day, Fathers day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Independance day, St Patrick’s day, engagement, wedding day, anniversary, new baby, new home, Canada day and many more!

Click on the link to see the first birthday e card that I created for my Mum (you can send this card also if you like it).

I love what I do and that I am able to combine the things that I love in my job – art, environmental issues and working with Nick. Like Racheal, I also studied Sculpture at University and after leaving went onto become an art director for film and TV. After becoming a mother, I decided I wanted to take a step back from my career so that I could bring up our children Molly and Joe. Now that the children are older and turning into young adults, I have more time and thats another reason Katies Cards came along at just the right time for me.

I enjoy tennis, art, film, traveling and spending time with friends and family. I also enjoy taking long walks with our Jack Russell Plum (who you will hear more about later). I love making e cards and genuinely wish to make you and your loved ones feel special when one of our cards is sent.


Plum (the office dog)


Me and Plum in Bushy park

Plum is our Jack Russell but we bring her to the office every day so that she doesn’t get lonely. We have a garden here that she enjoys running around (and terrorising next doors cats!) and because we are right next to the beautiful Bushy park, I can take her for good lunch time walks which she loves.



Plum is 5 years old, is great fun and a loving dog. She is, just as all Jack Russell’s are, she’s very stubborn and territorial and we often have moments when she goes completely crazy! But she is a great character and we love having her here in the office. She is also a brilliant source of inspiration and our walks together have been where alot of my ideas have formed.

She got her name when, at only a few days old, we took her to meet my mum. My mum has a Plum tree in her garden which some Plums had fallen off, and the new puppy picked one up in her mouth and brought it to me, dropping it at my feet. Out son Joe said ‘Plum’s a good name!’ and we all agreed!


Me and Plum in Bushy park

That’s it for now. I will keep updating you on our team news and add some more pictures so that you know what is happening here but I hope you feel you know all of us a bit more now.

Hope you’re all having a nice Wednesday,

Katie x

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Lovely summery e cards for lovely summery birthdays

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Hi all,

Thank goodness that this weekend brought some sunshine and hopefully it is going to remain sunny all week!

I had a wonderful weekend, I hope you did too. My niece’s birthday party was lovely and she loved her birthday gift which I was really pleased about. As the weather was so nice we decided to have a BBQ with some friends on Saturday evening and spent Sunday walking the Plum in the countryside which reminded me that we have some really nice summery birthday e cards in the collection that you can use to wish someone happy birthday. My favourite summer e cards are the ‘Terrace’ (click here to preview) and the ‘Dandelion’ (click here to preview).

For many of you today marks the beginning of Ramadan and to celebrate we have the perfect Ramadan e card for you to send to your loved ones.

Anyway, better get on with the beginning of the working week!

Katie x

P.s. I have recently joined Facebook and would be delighted to become your friend. I am new to social media but will be using my Facebook profile to help keep you up-to-date with the Katies Cards news aswell as posting interesting gift and lifestyle ideas and advice. Click here to visit my Facebook page and request friendship with me.

Beautiful hand-made gifts and knick-knacks that you might like…

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Hi all,

This week as well as working hard and spending time with the kids, I have been searching around for a gift for my niece’s 2nd birthday. I have been trying desperately not to go down the usual route and get her something that lots of other people will buy her and I was really struggling for new ideas so I decided to do a bit of hunting around on the internet. After what seemed liked an age, I eventually came across an adorable website selling some beautiful crafted cards, mugs, textiles, knitted toys and other interesting knick-knacks and I’m pleased to say I found something perfect for her!

She loves animals you see and I didn’t want to buy her yet another soft toy, so when I came across these Japanese paper animal balloons I was over the moon!

Picture 1

She can have them hung in her bedroom and they’ll look wonderful. They’re made from a light paper, so they will float around the ceiling and look like they are flying or dancing!

The website was called and on further inspection I also came across some lovely baby clothes, handmade greetings cards (for those of you who use paper cards as well as e cards), wall art, home textiles. See some examples below:

Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4
Picture 5

I’m really looking forward to her birthday party at the weekend and giving her her present now.

I thought it would be nice to share this since it can be soo hard to buy presents sometimes. Let me know if you have come across any gems, I’m sure we’d all like to hear!

Hope you all have a great weekend,

Katie x

New Birthday Cake Game ecard for girls!

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Great news – we have added the new Birthday Cake Game e card to the ecard collection so you now have versions to send to both males and females!

Please take a look and try the game out by clicking here - its so much fun and a great way to say Happy Birthday to someone special.

Birthday Cake Game e card girl

We’ve had so much fun making this game that we are planning to make more so look out for news of new e card games available for Christmas!

Once again it has been an extremely busy week for us at Katies Cards and I am looking forward to having some time to relax with Nick and the kids. I’m hoping the weather is good (please, please!!) so that I can take Plum (our dog) for some nice long country walks and get some inspiration for new e-cards.

I hope you all have lovely weekends planned but remember to schedule in birthday ecards for any birthdays coming up in the next few days – its not too late and you can send as many cards as you like with your subscription, so come on and get your monies worth!

Take care

Katie x

Katies Cards welcomes new team member Racheal!

Friday, July 8th, 2011

We’re delighted to welcome the new marketing manager Racheal to the Katies Cards team. Racheal will be here to help get the Katies Cards message out to more people and help with customer service enquiries and other queries – which is great news because this will mean that Nick, Barry and I can focus on making more cards!

Racheal’s background is in marketing and she has worked for both large and small companies heading up and developing marketing strategies. The first thing on her list was to create a Katies Cards facebook business page which you can find here. Please take a look and ‘like’ us to help us spread the word!

This week has been very busy for us all but we’re delighted to have been able to complete another fantastic card for you to use! We’ve created the fabulous Boys Birthday Cake Game which is a card and a game all in one! Please take a look and let us know what you think. I think that this game is fun and entertaining and is the perfect card to send to a boy of any age. We are finalising the design of the girls version which will be available to you very shortly.

And finally, its Friday! Why not celebrate the beginning of weekend relaxation by sending you friends and family an ecard? Choose from our wide selection of blank e cards here.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Katie x