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Eco-Friendly Buzz

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Here at Katie’s Cards, we’re always thinking of ways in which we can help the environment and can be as eco-friendly as possible. One of the campaigns that has caught our eye recently is the Save the Bees campaign. The great British bumble bee is becoming increasingly endangered which is bad news not only for the little furry fellows but also for humans. Bees play a key role in sustaining the flora and fauna of Great Britain and one-third of our diet depends on them carrying out their busy-bee work.

By discouraging the use of insecticides, by learning more about the importance of bees to our lives and by planting bee-friendly plants in our gardens, we can all do out bit to save the bees. For more information about this campaign, visit this website.

If there are any other environmental issues you think we should be blogging about then please contact us at We’d love to hear your suggestions!

I’m dreaming of a green Christmas

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Whilst it is easy to become all-consumed by the various festivities taking place at this time of year, we at Katie’s Cards have become increasingly concerned about the impact that the holiday season is having on the environment.

Turkey Olympics Xmas Escape

Turkey Olympics Xmas Escape

Approximately sixty per cent of greeting cards are sent at Christmas. This equates to roughly 1.7 billion Christmas cards being sent each year in Britain alone. How many trees will perish to feed this trade? At least two hundred thousand. Sending Christmas e cards instead of printed cards is eco-friendly, not only because no manufacturing materials are needed to make the cards but also because no fuel is needed to transport them by air or on the ground.

Stag in the Snow Ecard

Stag in the Snow Ecard

Sending Christmas e cards is, evidently, one way you can make your Christmas a little greener this year, but why stop there? Here are a few more handy tips to make your Christmas kinder to the environment:

  • Homemade presents such as chocolate truffles or jams make great gifts and are handy to have in stock for surprise visitors.
  • Try to avoid giving too many battery-powered toys and electronic devices. A huge amount of energy is needed to produce them and their batteries and they guzzle even more when being used.

Opt for a real Christmas tree rather than a synthetic one. Use a sustainable planter and recycle them afterwards. Voilà, you can be eco-friendly and also have the lovely pine smell wafting around your house!