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Around the world in fifty weddings

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

Here at Katie’s Cards, we’re enjoying the fact that wedding season is in full swing and our Facebook feed is constantly full of pictures of happy brides and grooms. Newlyweds Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant are, however, taking the meaning of ‘wedding season’ to a whole new level. The couple have, so far, had 34 weddings in 20 countries around the world! Though they don’t get legally married in each country, they are using the trip to experience the wedding ceremonies of different cultures.

'Save the Date' ecard

‘Save the Date’ ecard

So far, they have had weddings in the UK, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii and Peru (to name but a few)… and they’re only just getting started. To read their full story, simply click here. If you’re planning a wedding then take a look at our Save the Date ecards for a cost-effective, unique, environmentally-friendly way to let your guests know when you’re big day is taking place.

Eco-Friendly Weddings – Featuring Shropshire Petals

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Today’s blog post is about the lovely Shropshire Petals company. Shropshire Petals is a family business which shares our sustainable, eco-friendly ethos and provides a beautiful service for weddings. Eco-friendly weddings are becoming increasingly popular yet sourcing everything you need to make your wedding suitably ‘green’ can be tricky, and that’s where Shropshire Petals comes in.

Shropshire Petals Confetti Fun!

Shropshire Petals Confetti Fun!

The company provides a modern, eco-friendly twist to traditional confetti by providing 100% biodegradable natural petal confetti and believe us when we say it is BEAUTIFUL.

Shropshire Petals - Pick and Mix with Pink Confetti Cones filled with Pink Lemonade, Cerise and Lady in Red

Shropshire Petals – Pick and Mix with Pink Confetti Cones filled with Pink Lemonade, Cerise and Lady in Red

A lot of venues no longer allow synthetic confetti and so, since throwing confetti over the bride and groom is such a lovely tradition (which dates back over two centuries!), Shropshire Petals decided to come up with an eco-friendly alternative. The result was their beautifully romantic petal confetti.

Shropshire Petals Rose and Lavender Wheat Sheaf Bouquet

Shropshire Petals Rose and Lavender Wheat Sheaf Bouquet

The flowers are all grown on a farm in Shropshire and each petal is hand-picked. You can choose petals from a wide range of flowers including cornflowers, hydrangea, roses, lavender and delphiniums to create your own unique confetti combination.

Shropshire Petals - Pick and Mix Raspberry Fool, Envy and Golden Slumber

Shropshire Petals – Pick and Mix Raspberry Fool, Envy and Golden Slumber

Whether you want vibrant orange and cerise rose petals or a more subtle mixture of ‘country garden’ frosted blues and creams, the team at Shropshire Petals will be happy to provide you with the perfect combination to suit your wedding day.

If you’d like to learn more about Shropshire Petals, then take a look at their website and social media pages.

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It’s Circus Day!

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

Today is National Circus Day so we thought it appropriate to make our ‘ecard of the day’ circus-themed. Watch the newlyweds daringly swing into each other’s arms in this circus wedding ecard – it’s such a fun and quirky way to send your congratulations.

Trapeze wedding ecard


Whether you want to send congratulations to someone else or are getting hitched yourself and need to send ‘Save the Date’ cards, we have a beautiful selection of wedding ecards on the Katie’s Cards website. Click here to view the whole collection.

All you need is love…?

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

We’ve blogged in the past about the ways in which you can try to save a few pennies when planning your wedding and, in the current economic climate, many people are tightening their purse strings. Certain couples haven’t had such concerns … Back in 2002, at the wedding of Liza Minnelli and David Guest, the flowers reportedly cost $700,000 and, in 1991, Elizabeth Taylor’s famous pale yellow Valentino gown cost $30,000. More recently, Prince William and Kate Middleton spent $80,000 on their beautiful eight-tiered cake!

Wedding ecards

So, if you’re planning your wedding and aren’t planning to spend millions (or even if you are and just fancy being a little kinder to the environment) then take a look at our beautiful collection of wedding day ecards. You can send unlimited numbers of ecards throughout the duration of your membership and can therefore send all of your Save the Date cards for the equivalent cost of just one or two printed cards.

Bride and Groom Save the Date Ecard

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Our wedding ecard of the week is this beautiful gold Bride and Groom ‘Save the Date’ ecard. This elegant ecard, designed in a classic style, is the perfect way to tell your family and friends when your wedding day will be.

Bride and Groom Ecard

Bride and Groom Ecard

As a Katie’s Cards member, you can send unlimited numbers of ecards throughout the duration of your membership, meaning that you could send all of your ‘save the date cards’ electronically for the cost of just one or two printed cards. You can view our full collection of wedding ecards here on the Katie’s Cards website.

Circus Engagement Ecard

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

Our collection of engagement ecards provides a perfect way to either congratulate someone on their engagement, or to let people know that you are going to tie the knot. From traditional, vintage-inspired cards to ones that are a little more quirky, we’ve tried to cater for a range of tastes. This ‘Circus’ ecard is a fun and unique way of congratulating someone on their engagement … Watch the bride and groom fly through the air towards each other on the trapeze…

Circus Ecard

Circus Ecard

We also have a beautiful selection of ‘Save the Date’ cards on the Katie’s Cards website and, since you can send unlimited ecards as a Katie’s Cards member, sending your ‘Save the Date’ cards electronically is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way of letting your friends and family know when your big day will take place. You can view all of our engagement ecards by clicking here.