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UK Royal Mail’s stamp price rises come into force

Monday, April 30th, 2012

The cost of sending printed greeting cards through the post in the UK is soaring. The 30% price rise in UK first-class stamps, and 39% rise for second-class, mark the biggest annual increase in percentage terms since 1975. Ten years ago, a first-class stamp cost only 27p, and a second-class cost only 19p.

dramatic rise in cost of stamps

dramatic rise in cost of stamps

The cost of 12 first class stamps will now be £7.20 which is the same as a 12 month subscription to More than ever it makes sense to make the move to sending Ecards. Adding the cost of the printed cards, to sending only 12 greeting cards through the post, in one year will now cost almost £40, whereas a 12 month subscription to is £7.50, but you are then able to send unlimited Ecards to all your family and friends for a whole year.

mail price increaseIn addition to the cost saving of sending E cards, when you also consider the time and environmental benefits of egreetings, its a smart move to sign up for an ecard subscription. To sample the quality and variety of our ecard collection just visit