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Say ‘thank you’ to your guests

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

It’s the middle of wedding season and so much work goes into planning a wedding that when the big day is over, it can be hard for the brides and grooms to know what to do next (after the honeymoon of course)! Saying ‘thank you’ to all the guests that made their wedding day special is usually one of the first jobs the newlyweds face.

Thank You Ecard

Thank You Ecard

By sending thank you ecards, this jobs becomes much less time consuming, less pricey (and provides an easy way to reach those family members and friends who travelled from far and wide to attend the wedding. Here at Katie’s Cards, we have a selection of thank you ecards which are perfect to send if you have just tied the not. To view the full collection, please click here.

Say ‘Thank You’ With Katie’s Cards

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

There always seem to be so many birthdays at this time of year and if you’re one of the lucky people who has just been lavished with cake and presents, you were probably thinking about saying thank you to those who made your birthday so special. We have a lovely selection of thank you ecards on the Katie’s Cards website which includes a cartoon-like ecard set in the jungle, a floral artistic ecard and more traditional, simple thank you notes.

Thank You Ecard

Thank You Ecard

You can customise your thank you ecard to include a personalised message which thanks the recipient for the lovely gift they gave you or the gesture they made. You can view all of our thank you ecards here and can find out more about becoming a member of Katie’s Cards here.

Thank You Ecards

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Whether you want to thank someone for flowers they bought you on Valentine’s Day, you recently had a birthday or you’ve remembered that you haven’t yet thanked someone for a Christmas gift they sent you, we have a selection of ‘Thank You’ ecards on the Katie’s Cards website.


From note-card style ecards like the one in the image above to cartoon-like animated ecards like this one, we hope that the collection satisfies a range of tastes. You can view all of our ‘Thank You’ ecardsĀ here on the Katie’s Cards website.